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Institute for Environmental Nanotechnology

(Arena Amplified Solution Simplified)

Article Processing Charges

In an open access model, the publication costs of an article are paid from an author's research budget, or by their supporting institution, in the form of Article Processing Charges or member of IENT. These Article Processing Charges replace subscription charges and allow publishers to make the full-text of every published article freely available to all interested readers. In addition, authors who publish in JENT retain the copyright of their work, enabling the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of an article in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited. Publishing an article in requires Article Processing Charges that will be billed to the submitting author upon acceptance of the article for publication.

Institutional Membership:

If your institute is a member of Institute for Environmental nanotechnology, you will not be subject to any article processing charges. Please ask your librarian to contact us at editorjent@gmail.com in order to receive a quotation or to arrange for an Institutional Membership for your organization