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Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology

(A Quarterly Peer-reviewed and Refereed International Journal)
ISSN(Print):2279-07 48; ISSN(Online):2319-5541

Generation of Multiple Focal Hole Segment by Tight Focusing of Azimuthally Polarised Double Ring Shaped Beam


Based on the vector diffraction theory, the effect of phase modulation on the intensity distribution of TEM11 mode azimuthally polarized Laguerre-Gaussian beam in the focal region of high NA lens is investigated theoretically. It is observed that a properly designed complex phase filter can generate multiple focal hole segment and it is useful for the manipulation of optical traps

Article Type: Orginal Research Article

Corresponding Author: K.B. Rajesh 4  

Email: rajeskb@gmail.com

N. Veerabagu Suresh 1,  R.C. Sarasvathi 2,  Haresh M.Pandya 3,  K.B. Rajesh 4*.  

1. Department of ECE, Jayaraj Annapackiam CSI College of Engineering, Nazareth,TN, India.

2. Department of Physics, Government Arts College, Dharmapuri, TN, India

3, 4. Department of Physics, Chikkanna Government Arts College, Tirupur, TN, India.

ISSN: 2279-0748 eISSN: 2319-5541
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