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Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology

(A Quarterly Peer-reviewed and Refereed International Journal)
ISSN(Print):2279-07 48; ISSN(Online):2319-5541

A Novel, Comparative Study of Chemical and Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles


Silver Nano particles (AgNps) have attracted increasing interest due to their unique physical, chemical and biological properties compared to their macro scale counterparts. Green synthesis of silver Nano particles (AgNps) are prepared by aqueous solution of silver nitrate and extract of kaffir lime fruit (citrus hystrix), which contain relatively high amount of ascorbic acid. The chemical approach is done by the aqueous solution of silver nitrate and tri- sodium citrate. The synthesized silver nano particles were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) analysis. Anti-bacterial activity of the synthesized silver Nano particles were tested against both gram positive and gram negative bacterial strains.

Article Type: Research Article

Corresponding Author: C. Deepa 2  

Email: chinnasamydeepa@gmail.com

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V. Selvapriya 1,  C. Deepa 2*.  

1, 2. Department of Physics, Vellalar College for Women (Autonomous), Erode, TN, India.

J. Environ. Nanotechnol., Volume 6, No. 1 pp.23-26
ISSN: 2279-0748 eISSN: 2319-5541
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