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Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology

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Simultaneous Observations of Daytime Whistlers and VLF-ELF Emissions at a Low Latitude Indian Ground Station


This paper reports an unexpected simultaneous observation of whistlers and different types of ELF/VLF emissions during daytime at a low latitude Indian ground station Jammu (geomag. lat., 22o 26/ N; L=1.17), which are (a) pulses of atmospheric bursts, (b) discrete chorus riser ELF emissions triggered from the bottom of the atmospherics, (c) whistlers, (d) whistler-triggered discrete chorus riser VLF emissions triggered from the lower end of the whistler, (e) long enduring ELF/VLF hiss emissions, (f) band limited quasi-periodic pulsing ELF/VLF hiss emissions, (g) hook and inverted hook ELF emissions, (h) oscillating tone discrete chorus riser ELF emissions. The data shown in this paper indicate that there is a strong possibility that lightning is an important source of different types of VLF/ELF emissions, at least in the embryonic sense, recorded at Jammu. The present observation is in fact the first simultaneous occurrence of different types of VLF/ELF emissions alongwith whistlers recorded on a single day during daytime at a low latitude ground station.

Article Type: Research Article

Corresponding Author: M. Altaf 1  

Email: altafnig@rediffmail.com

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M. Altaf 
J. Environ. Nanotechnol. Volume 4, No.1 pp.37-45
ISSN: 2279-0748 eISSN: 2319-5541
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