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Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology

(A Quarterly Peer-reviewed and Refereed International Journal)
ISSN(Print):2279-07 48; ISSN(Online):2319-5541

Investigation of Azimuthally Polarized Bessel-modulated Gaussian Beam with Annular Obstruction


Investigation of annular obstructed azimuthally polarized Bessel-modulated Gaussian beam (QBG) in the focal region of high NA lens, based on vectorial diffraction theory. The numerical results show that the intensity distribution in focal region of the incident beam can be altered considerably by changing beam parameter (μ) and introducing annular apodization (δ). Beam parameter induces the focal splitting in transverse direction, while annular apodization leads to change in focal pattern along optical axis of the focusing system. More interesting, the focal splitting may be in continuous in certain case of incident beam propagating through aligned optical system which is suitable for application such as optical manipulation and optical trapping.

Article Type: Research Article

Corresponding Author: K. Gokulakrishnan 1  

Email: gk39762@gmail.com

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K. Gokulakrishnan 1*,  T. V. Sivasubramonia Pillai 2.  

1. Department of ECE, Regional Center, Anna University: Tirunelveli Region, Tirunelveli, TN, India.

2. Department of Physics, University College of Engineering, Nagercoil, TN, India

J. Environ. Nanotechnol. Volume 4, No.1 pp.32-36
ISSN: 2279-0748 eISSN: 2319-5541
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doi:10.1016/j.ijleo.2013.08.039 36