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Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology

(A Quarterly Peer-reviewed and Refereed International Journal)
ISSN(Print):2279-07 48; ISSN(Online):2319-5541

Film- Pore diffusion Modeling for Sorption of Azo Dye on to One and Three Dimensional Nano Structured Carbon Nano Materials from Jatropha Curcas


Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) and Nano porous activated carbon materials were prepared from Jatropha curcas oil and Jatropha curcas stem waste respectively (JCAC and MWNTS). Both carbon materials were utilized as a potential sorbents for toxic textile dye Acid Orange 7 (acid dye) removal. The effects of major variables governing the efficiency of the process such as, temperature, initial dye concentration and pH were investigated. The kinetic measurements helped in determining the specific rate constant confirming the applicability of pseudo second order rate expression. Plausible mechanism of ongoing adsorption process involved was obtained by carrying out kinetic measurements. To compare adsorption of dye on to both adsorbents is particle diffusion or film diffusion, the treatment given by Boyd and Reichenberg was employed. The influence of different factors on the adsorption of Acid Orange 7 on both adsorbents is explained in terms of electrostatic interaction by considering the dye species and the surface characteristics of the adsorbents.

Article Type: Research Article

Corresponding Author: S. Karthikeyan 4  


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K. Sakthivel 1,  I. Arockiaraj 2,  C. Kannan 3,  S. Karthikeyan 4*.  

1. District Institute of Education and Training, Erode, TN, India

2. Department of Chemistry, Pavendar Bharathidasan College of Engineering and Technology,Trichy, TN, India

3. Department of Chemistry, Manonmaniam Sundranar University, Tirunelveli, TN, India

4. Department of Chemistry, Chikkanna Government arts college, Tirupur. TN, India

J. Environ. Nanotechnol. Volume 2, No.2 (2013) pp. 66-75
ISSN: 2279-0748 eISSN: 2319-5541
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